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Cycling and the Mindset I Needed to Have My a Great Winter On the Trainer

Up until this winter I started out feeling “okay” about trainer season. I didn’t love it, but with the snow flying and the temps well below my 20 degree cutoff, well a fella’s gotta stay fit somehow. The trainer was the best option.

By this time every year I was Jonesing to get outside, though. The movies got stale and I started thinking about bombing down the road on my 5200… or better, the Venge. I’d write a few posts every year about how I was getting to a point I hated the hamster wheel…

Until this year.

My distaste for riding in the cold, specifically the farting around with cold weather cycling clothing, outweighed my disdain for the trainer. It’s not even close, and I’m perfectly okay with waiting for the weather to change next month. This is a distinct departure from previous years.

Oh, sure, I still think about suiting up in my Tuesday best, tightening the Boas on my S-Works shoes, donning my Bontrager helmet and matching white rimmed shades with red mirror lenses and throwing a leg over the Venge for the warm-up lap… then, the main event. Bombing down the road at better than 25-mph… the descent into Vernon at better than 30 and the final 5k kick to the City Limits finish line. Those are the days. In the meantime, it’s not even 20 degrees outside (-7 C) and it’s quite windy, which means the wind-chill is likely around 5 (-15 C on the nose). It’s a typical February day in Michigan.

So, here we are at just before 8 am and I’ll be locking my Trek into the trainer shortly. I’ll put in my 45 minutes watching Ironman III (the rest of it, we got through the first 45 minutes yesterday) and I’ll take my wife and daughter out to eat at the local diner. Then, early this afternoon I’ll take my girl out bowling for a few practice games. Later on, we’ll cook some dinner together before sitting down to binge on a few more episodes of Castle before turning in for the night. Well, that’s the plan, at least.

I think that sums it up pretty well, right there. Summer is a different kind of busy on the weekends. There’s long miles and yard work to attend to. We’re always going. This year I’ve managed to make more of what is usually time spent on the couch. The trainer’s just been the best way to keep from getting too fat before we hit the road to work all of the extra goo off.

I think I’m not as eager to get outside because I’m already having a great time on the weekends. It’s as simple as that.