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The Glorious Paradox in Recovery from Addiction

There are a list of at least a dozen paradoxes in recovery, but they all begin with the big one: I had to be willing to give up to win against drugs and alcohol. Only when I was completely out of options did recovery seem like a viable option.

From that one point we move to others; we show others compassion and find we love ourselves more for it. We give up our old life for a new one. When I face fear, I gain courage. I have to examine my dark side to see the light…

This was the topic of yesterday’s Daily Reflection, and is one of the more beautiful lessons we learn to evolve with early on in recovery.

When I walked up to the doorstep of the treatment center, I was a broken man. I didn’t know it yet, but I was a wreck. Over the next two weeks my eyes were opened to a horrific reality. Three conditions converged in perfect harmony and desire met desperation and I gained what I needed to quit fighting.

And that’s exactly how I won.

Another favorite paradox, for later in recovery, has to do with passing along what was so freely given to me. Specifically, whenever I’m feeling down or things don’t appear to be working out, the key to turning that around is not looking within. It’s working with others. Only by “getting out of myself” and working with others can I receive what I need to work out what’s happening with me. Often, I get direct answers to what I’m lacking in.

That’s where I’m at today and it’s all good.