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Bowling: A Humorous Look at the Single Best Practice Drill That Can Save You From YEARS Of Bad Bowling!

I was perusing YouTube bowling videos the other day when I happened on one that suggested practicing release drills by rolling a ball, gently, onto the couch to get the feel of the thumb exiting the ball before the fingers:

I practiced that for a few days and took it to the bowling alley… it was a game changer. Never before was throwing a hook so consistent and simple.

Then I took that concept and raised it up a notch. I realized I had our last mattress sitting in the bike room/spare bedroom waiting to be donated… why not roll a ball on the floor into the mattress? Then I could get in my actual finish position and roll the ball like I would on a lane. A little like this:

Well, I worked on that a few minutes a day, all week long and took the new skills to the Friday night league.

So, between my warm-up games and the three league games, I was quite consistent. Not fantastic, but definitely above my 172 average at the same time. Better, I never felt like I was struggling as I had in the past when the lanes started to break down.

There are plenty of options other than a full-blown mattress. A foam camping roll, some old pillows against a wall… the big deal for me was I could practice at home at my convenience and that practice easily translated to the lanes.

To put this in perspective, in one month I completely changed how I’d thrown a bowling ball for 30 years… and I’m actually bowling better. The tips above are literally a game changer.

One final tip: The less your wife knows about this $#!+, the better. Especially the on the couch option! Just remember, you weigh ten times the bowling ball should you get caught.