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A Week in My Fitness Life and How I’m Doing This Winter, Getting Ready for Spring

This has been one odd winter. Strange, really. I haven’t looked once at my mileage for the year – I haven’t even a clue how many miles I’ve been putting in on a weekly basis let alone what I’m doing monthly. Normally, I’m all over my stats. I’ve also taken a lot of days off – three, even four days in a week. If I took two off a week in previous winters, that was a lot. This led to, at least for a week or two, a crisis in discipline. I got to a point I could talk myself out of riding – even after setting my bike up. That is not me and I didn’t like that one bit. That was a step too far. It got so bad, I actually started wondering if this was the beginning of the unraveling of my love of cycling. It wasn’t something pernicious or pervasive, it was just a small thought here and there, but it was spooky nonetheless.

When registration for DALMAC got close, the normal group I ride in started chatting back and forth through text messages, posting when one of us would sign up, plans for car rides back home, things of that nature. Then a couple of unexpected people started texting in about signing up. Before I knew it, we’ll have the biggest group I’ve ever been a part of at this year’s ride – and the thought of how much fun that will be provided that little bit of excitement that translated into an extra push to get cracking on the training. It’s exactly what I needed – and now I understand, finally, those who need an event to get fired up about training.

I started hitting my workouts a lot harder while still taking my days off. I’ve been pushing hard gears for almost three weeks now and I’m one gear harder on the trainer than I could ride at the end of last season. It’s been nice, really, taking days off this winter aside from the lack of motivation to pick things up again. In the end, though, I got just the push I needed.

And now it looks like we might even be outside this weekend! Our long spring is just around the corner and I’ll be ready (though a little fatter than I’d prefer).