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Daily Archives: March 1, 2022

I started a new challenge yesterday… 30 days of mountain climbers

So I saw a quaint little challenge on YouTube shorts the other day. Do 3 minutes of mountain climbers for 30 days.

Of course the guy who claims to have done them was chubby to start and shredded after 30 days, and I have no delusions. Still, what if I got half of those results in 30 days? Hey, that’s worth a try.

Erm. Until I tried to do three minutes of them. Of course, because I’m mister awesome cycling bib shorts, I did them full speed. For exactly one minute. Holy shhhiiiiiiit! I had to take a few seconds to catch my breath before doing another minute. I LIKE IT!

That was followed by 30 minutes of bowling release drills (I practice both hands for a couple of reasons, mainly to fight the imbalance created by only working one side).

Now, I’ll be on the trainer this afternoon, and I haven’t quite figured out how I want to handle that – mountain climbers before or after the trainer? I’m of two minds on that… climbers first, I can relax a little on the trainer. Climbers second, I’m already good and warmed up.

I’ll probably try it both ways and see which I like better. Anyway, it’s going to be a fun little challenge.

More later.