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Daily Archives: March 2, 2022

Day Two of My New Challenge: Who’s Idea Was This, Anyway?!

Well, Day Two of my 30 Days of 3 minutes of mountain climbers is in the books and I’m currently wondering what the hell I was thinking. 30 days?! And I’m technically going a day better because I started on the last day of February and I’m going to the end of March.

I’ve come to find understand that, while I’m in perpetually fantastic cycling shape and I’m in decent bowling shape, I’m not much else! This didn’t come as a shock, of course but I at least thought I should be able to shred mountain climbers.

Well, not so much… but I do feel awesome after two days of failing to reach one, let alone two minutes without needing a break to catch my breath. You know me, though. If I see a benefit, and I do, I’m going to stick it out just to see what happens.

I opted for the mountain climbers after my trainer ride yesterday afternoon. After wasn’t terrible. I’ll try before tomorrow, though. In all seriousness, I’m quite glad I stumbled on this challenge. In addition to working some muscles that sorely needed the work, it’s got me a little excited for doing something new.

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday so I’ll do my mc’ers and maybe ten minutes of bowling drills this afternoon, but other than that, I’ve got more important things to tend to.