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Daily Archives: March 5, 2022

Uh, No… I Believe You’re Mistaken…

Um, no. They’re politician problems.

And I don’t mean they’re problems for politicians to figure out. They are problems created by politicians.

Now, everyone, what did Einstein say about solving problems with the same thinking that created the problems?

And therein lies the rub.

Outside At Last; My Happiest Day of 2022

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. A little on the chilly side as it was just above freezing until I left the office in the early afternoon. It was beautifully sunny, though.

I took a little nap after work and headed out early for the bowling alley and a few practice games before our league. Practice went well but I didn’t help out much for the league matches. Still, we did take 4 of 7 points on position night where we rolled off against the team one point ahead of us.

I stayed after for just one practice game with the fellas… we’d finished league play surprisingly early but my daughter was over at a friend’s house so my wife and I would have some alone time. I had to get things worked out, though, or I’d never sleep well. And worked out, they were. I finally learned how to get proper revs on my strong ball and get it through the oil and into the pocket. More on that next Friday, but for now, it was amazing. I shot a cool, easy 204.

The first time 200 was ever easy for me.

And that gets us to March 5th, Saturday. The weather is currently perfect for a bike ride with one exception; it’s cold. The sun isn’t up yet, though, and it will be in an hour or so. And then it starts warming up. I’m riding with a few friends and my wife at 1 and it’ll be 50 and sunny when we roll, a 99% chance of great weather (that’s 10 C in Moose Latin). Oh, this is still Michigan, so it’ll be on the breezy side, but 10 C or 50 F and rising? They don’t make early March days any better this far north.

And so I’ve got the Trek’s proper back wheel on (in lieu of the trainer wheel) and the chain lubed. The bike’s ready to go… the only question is, should I take the Venge! It’s a little early for the good bike, but oh so tempting.

Anyway, the 2022 outdoor cycling season starts today with a no-drop jaunt around our favorite “Tuesday Night In Lennon” roads. I know more than a few friends are going to show.