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Daily Archives: March 12, 2022

All of the New Gear, Hard Work and Practice FINALLY Paid Off On Friday Night…

So, a lot’s happened in bowling this last week. My changeover from decent but inconsistent bowler with poorly fitting, old hand-me-down equipment to properly fitted, well-equipped and consistent has finally begun to be a little more like fun and less like work. In the last two months I’ve changed everything about how I got the ball down the lane for the last two decades and some change. It may not have been great timing but it was worth it.

We were playing a great team last night, against one of my favorite guys in the whole world and his daughter. He is a longtime $#!+ talker and his daughter is just as hilarious… and I started in on them during the practice session. She throws a backup ball right on my line (a backup ball is a righthanded bowler who bowls from the left side with a reverse hook – it backs in to the pocket) so I said, “Oh, I forgot you throw a backup ball right on my line! I’m gonna burn that shit up all night long.” Christine rose to the challenge and her dad, Keno started laughing. He warned me that I’d messed up and gotten her fired up early. I started the evening with my Hammer Scorpion, figuring I’d switch to the Brunswick Quantum Evo when the left edge started to burn up. I struggled all game to get the ball to the pocket.

I ended the tenth with an open and a 159. Christine kicked my ass game and let me have it as she walked by after her last ball. One of the dangers of talking $#!+. Then Keno let me have it as we picked up our balls to start the second game. I picked up the Quantum Evo Solid. I struggled for the first couple of frames but had it figured out in the fourth with a spare. Then I went on a tear. Four strikes in a row, a spare and another strike or two in the tenth. I ended up with a 204. I could return the talking of smack.

The next game was more of the same, though I had a few spares to clean up. I finished the last game with a flourish in the ninth and tenth for a solid 207. Most important, I didn’t feel like I was struggling through either of the last two games.

Noel and Craig stuck around and we threw another few games… all three for a buck but the last two were really competitive. The first was just messing around with new lines with the lanes burnt, but the next two turned into a fun test. I put away messing around trying to test different lines with the Scorpion and went back to the Quantum Evo. I threw a 223 and a 197. Averaging all of my games out last night, I ended up with a 198. Exactly where I hoped to be.

I do love the bowling.

Oh, and I’ve been getting my trainer time in though I’ve forgotten to post the workouts on Strava. The weather breaks next week and I’m ready for cycling season to start!