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So, 51 Sucks… There Isn’t Much I Can Do About That; It’s Better Than Pushing Up Daisies

Friday was a bowling night. I showed up early and threw a few warm-up games. Wait, let me back up. I took Monday off. Went to a concert out of town with my wife Tuesday, so nothing. Wednesday, we slept in and rode the trainers early. My wife had a nail appointment set for the afternoon so I went to the alley we bowl at for our league on Sunday evening for some practice. I threw seven games, I think. Two warm-up and five that “counted”. I averaged a 198 and was exceedingly pleased with that. I needed to figure out how to use my Hammer Scorpion on those lanes to be successful as my reactive solid Brunswick is too much ball. I also wanted too cement the final transformational changes I’d made in how I throw the ball before Friday night’s league. I was successful on both counts.

I rode the trainer Thursday and ran a couple of bowling training drills in the spare bedroom setup I’ve got.

For Friday’s league night, I don’t like riding the trainer beforehand – it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Okay, now I’m caught up. A few warm-up games, one with my wife who’d had her ball drilled to better fit her fingers before she headed out to spend time with our daughter and our daughter’s boyfriend. Practice was a little sketchy. I was trying to start with the Scorpion but I just couldn’t get it to stop skidding and hook up early enough. I switched to the Brunswick with four frames left in the last game and struck all four.

I started out with the Scorpion for the league games and struggled getting out of the gate. Four frames in, I switched to the stronger Brunswick Quantum Evo and didn’t look back. First game 159, second 204, third 207. Now I know what to do for both venues. Hammer for Sunday night, Brunswick for Friday. I also threw three more games with Noel and Craig after the league – one finding new lines game, then two that counted (224 and a 197)

Saturday morning, my wife had a hair appointment with our daughters in the morning. I rode on the trainer as it was well below my cutoff temperature to ride outdoors (it was 11 F or -12 C). My trainer session was excellent. I rode hard. Now, my wife’s hair appointments with the girls are quite epic. They take hours. So, after my time on the trainer I cleaned up and went out to lunch with my three-ball bowling bag in the car. I chose the Friday night league alley for some more practice at my wife’s suggestion. I wasn’t expecting much, figuring I’d be tired.

I could hardly hold onto the ball for the first game. I had all kinds of problems. Keeping my wrist cupped properly hurt, my fingers weren’t working very well, my hip hurt above my plant leg… I felt old. I didn’t count my first game. I couldn’t get warmed up, either. I told myself I’d throw a second and if I didn’t ease into being comfortable, I’d go home. Mid-way through, I loosened up. I didn’t count that game. By the end, I was throwing the ball like I should and I started sliding a little earlier with my plant leg, which took some pressure off the hip. I threw a 180, a 214, a messy 168, followed by a fully dialed in 232 and finally a 189. I was tired with the 189, finishing with a 197 average. I headed home and pulled in the driveway just 30 seconds before my wife. I took an AdviNol (aka TyleVil) and laid down on the couch with my wife for a most-excellent nap.

This morning, it’s cold again and we’ve got snow coming (worst early spring I can remember, but that changes next week). I’ll ride the trainer beside my wife and then we’ve got our Sunday night league tonight. I woke up sore after having slept in well past 5am (an enjoyable rarity). I feel old… and that’s meant in the “physical” meaning of “feel”, not the emotional. On the emotional level, I’m honestly sad that I feel this way. There once was a time I could do anything I wanted and I’d be healed up for the next day. I’m more active than most, especially with tennis season coming up.

I can’t get over the nagging thought I might be over the hill. For real. I’m an active over the hill, sure, but… I can’t help but wonder…