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Alright! It’s About Time the Wheels Started Rolling Outside!

Chucker and I had our first really decent ride outside yesterday evening. It was in the low 50s (10 C), a bit of a southwesterly breeze, certainly nothing to turn your nose up at. We rolled out at 5pm, only knee warmers and a thermal long-sleeve needed to stay comfortable. I had a thin hat on under my helmet but that was probably unnecessary. Either way, it was properly glorious.

I love those first few rides outdoors in the new season, where you have to learn how to snot without hitting your shoulder again, that unstable wobbly feeling associated with not having your bike clipped to a trainer anymore, and so forth.

I took the Trek out to run it through the paces last night and loved it. Of course, it wouldn’t be my Trek if I didn’t have a little creak in the headset to contend with.

Chucker and I cruised around our usual route, mainly casual until we headed for home after three two-mile bonus loops around a tiny subdivision. We’d contended with what little wind there was up until that point, after it was mainly tailwind all the way home and we put a little pep into our step.

This is an ugly time of year in our part of the world. The grass is a half-dead looking brown, the trees are bare, so they’re brown… the snow’s mainly melted so the sides of the road are muddy, debris laden messes of brown and the sun makes a rare appearance. Michigan is one of the cloudiest states in the United States until summertime, so it’s a little depressing, really. But today, the fifteenth of March, is when things turn around. Typically speaking, till the fifteenth, March tends to be a bit of a $#!+ show in that you never know what you’re going to get… and this year was certainly that. February sucked (as it always does) but we had one or two nice days in the first half of March. I actually rode on one of them.

The weather broke yesterday, though. A beautiful, sunny 52 degrees (11 C). In a thermal jersey, I almost felt a little too warm, especially on that last few miles headed for home when we were into the pedals quite a bit.

The weather outlook for the next two weeks isn’t great – unseasonably cool, really, but it won’t be freezing, either. At least once the sun comes up.

Dinner was extra wonderful last night, after having put in a wonderful 23-miles. That our season has begun had me smiling all night long.