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Three In a Row, Going for Four!!!


March 2022

We rolled out yesterday at 4:30, both Chucker and I on our good bikes.

My mood around here is greatly improved. I’m working on some great content betwixt being slammed at work but every morning I wake up since Monday morning, all I can think about is how awesome the ride was the night before!

We’re not out of the woods, yet. Not by any stretch. I’ll take what we’ve been gifted and be grateful for it, though.

We rolled out under a sad cloud, though. A friend who has had more than his fair share of heart problems just found out he’s got congestive heart failure… and it’s on the advanced side of the scale. This is the same friend who rode 1,500 miles in one month last year. He was winded making the bed yesterday.

I said a quick prayer for my buddy before we clipped it.

We rolled out into a strong southerly breeze. I love our weekday route on a southerly wind. The mainly east/west route is punctuated by just a few one-mile headwind stretches before two in a row and three of four of the home stretch. That last mile is almost always done at a leisurely pace, though.

We flitted about the course at an easy pace, no concern whatsoever about speed. I love the easy buildup that comes with spring cycling fitness. When they say the pros only use the baby ring in the spring, there’s something to that. I use the big ring, but probably don’t have to as I mainly use the big cogs in the back at the same time.

Speaking of big cogs, I had a chain line issue on the Venge that hit my last nerve yesterday. I fixed it after the ride but I’ll save that for another post.

Being outdoors in the warmth again – keep in mind, yesterday’s temperature was 50 degrees above Saturday’s low – was absolutely spectacular. Especially in bib shorts – knee warmers and arm warmers were optional (and quite unnecessary). One of the great things we saw last evening was the throng of people outside running, walking their pet(s) or kid(s) in strollers… it was just awesome.

We did our normal loop with three bonus laps and headed for home. After cleaning up and having some pizza for dinner, I headed to my normal Wednesday meeting. By the time my wife and I climbed into bed, I was cooked. Exhausted.

And I slept like a baby (I even slept in a little bit). And as is par for the course when we’re riding outdoors, I woke up with an incredibly wonderful sense that, as hectic as things are right now, all was right in my little piece of the world. There’s nothing better for my temperament than my butt on a bicycle outside.


  1. Dave Talsma says:

    I think I rode by you two in swartz creek area?

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