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Sunday Funday… On a Tandem; The Battleship of Bicycles.

There’s no question, I love riding our tandem with my wife. I won’t lie, though… usually we ride that bike a little later in the season than week one – well after we’ve shed our winter insulation which, sadly, is much heavier than an R-19 fiberglass home insulation. In any event, Sunday was going to be a perfect tandem morning if we chose to hold the start off for it to warm up from Saturday night’s low.

Good things tend to happen when we text out that we’re riding the tandem on Sunday morning. Usually, it’ll be a slower ride which tends to be desirable this time of year. I’ve tried the whole “push hard every ride in the spring” way of getting fit after the winter and I’ve tried the slower, “let’s have an enjoyable March and April and our fitness will get there” approach and, contrary to anything sensical, the latter more enjoyable approach is better for my fitness.

I started prepping the tandem shortly after sunrise. Switching pedals from my wife’s trainer bike to the tandem, checking and airing up the tires, giving the steed a once-over (even though the activity was entirely unnecessary as I’d taken care of the maintenance issues at the end of last season before I put the bike up for the winter).

We rolled out under perfectly sunny skies (well, as perfect as Michigan gets in the springtime, anyway) and a pretty decent little headwind. Actually, there wasn’t anything decent about it. My wife and I do well on the tandem in the wind, though, and there wasn’t much to complain about otherwise. It was on the chilly side, just 40 degrees (4 C) but with the sunshine, that wasn’t uncomfortable with a couple of layers on.

We rolled around our Deer Loop for a nice 35-1/2 mile ride at better than an 18-mph average, and we had fun. There were tough times, of course, but for the most part it wasn’t too bad until we got close to home. Both my wife and I ran out of gas after about 32 miles. We fell off the back of the group for a minute but Matt urged us on and we put some power down to catch back up and finish the ride with the group. Three tandems and one single bike finished – one of the rare times the tandems outnumbered the singles on a ride.

My wife and I cleaned up and had a small lunch before crashing for a quick nap. On waking, I felt fantastic the rest of the day. I love how I feel once we get outside to ride a little bit. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is… but it’s good.