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Daily Archives: March 28, 2022

The State of Spring Cycling in Michigan… SUCKS

Two weeks ago it looked like we had the bloom of spring on our hands. A couple of days in shorts, a few more on the road bikes with just arm and leg warmers needed. Ah, it was wonderful to be outside again!

Then, after last Sunday’s glorious ride on the tandem with my wife, the weather went into the crapper.

We’ve had snow, rain, cold… and just nastiness in general. What a bummer.

My buddy, Chuck rode outside once or twice last week but he ended up getting soaked – he and his brand new Tarmac SL7. I saw the rain coming and opted to stay home. “Thankful” does not do my mood justice on the decision to skip that excursion.

The rest of the week looks like continued sucky with a chance of suckier. It’s currently 17 and feels like 4. And sadly, that’s in Fahrenheit… translated to Celsius, it’s way below 0… or too damned cold to ride. There’s snow on the ground for God’s sake. Though, on the positive side of things, we are supposed to get a couple of warmer days mid-week. But it’ll be raining both days. Then we go into the freezer again till next week, at which time it does appear that’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

But hey! At least bowling was pretty fun this weekend. #WouldRatherBeRiding.