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Daily Archives: March 31, 2022

One of those intuitive trainer rides… and a bit of magic

It was wet most of the day at work… well, damp is technically a better word. We had frozen rain for the trip into the office but, thankfully, the roads were too warm to allow the cold rain to wreak havoc. I traveled the entire way at the speed limit without worry or incident.

The temperature rose throughout the day but not by enough to matter. It was 41 when I left the office with a chance rain would skirt to our west. Chucker texted he was heading out at 5. I responded with a hard pass. This was at 4:10. Sitting puddles dotted my driveway and the road… but it was starting to dry out.

I did my bowling release drills in the bike room, both hands, about a half-hour before getting dressed for the trainer. I popped in Dune (2021 – and freaking fantastic if you’re looking for an epic) and tried not to think about what I was missing by riding the trainer. And this is where that little bit of magic happened. I’ve been pleasantly chubby and happy for the last several months and I certainly haven’t been all that motivated to push myself as I normally would. Oh, I’m pushing hard gears and sweating a ton on the trainer, but my heart really hasn’t been into it (admittedly, this isn’t all that bad… completely phoning it in, now that would be bad). In that last fifteen minutes, though, I felt like the Grinch when his heart grew… All of a sudden I felt like I was on board with this season again… even if outdoors riding has been sparse.

After my alarm went off, I dismounted the trainer and looked outside… it was raining again. It was 5:55 and we’d have been stuck out in it. The pass was the right move. Sadly, I had a pretty good idea Chuck was out in it. Call it intuition. He texted me a photo a short while later, mud up his back and wet, but added the commentary that it wasn’t too bad. I was happy to take his word on it and called it good.

And that’ll bring me to an interesting post Saturday morning… something I stumbled on whilst, and at the same time, driving to work. Stay tuned.