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Bowling and controlling finger and wrist pain


April 2022

I used to have a significant but ignorable amount of pain in my fingers and wrist when I went for a marathon eight to ten game practice session. Especially if I bowled on my Friday and Sunday leagues and practiced on Saturday, then followed that up with a few nights of drills at home. I felt like I had gravel in my wrist and my middle and ring fingers stung.

My wrist and hand would hurt all day for much of the week, though the pain would fade just before Friday league night. Nine games on Friday night and I’d flare it back up again.

It was an annoying, but tolerable pain.

Last week we bowled the last place team in the Friday night league. Ironically, the team has one of the best bowlers in all the league on it. This dude’s neck is as thick as my waist – he’s built like a brick shithouse and he’s always wears a Storm wrist brace. Nothing crazy, just enough to support his wrist… I also noticed Kyle Sherman (from Brad & Kyle) started taping his wrist up… so I got to thinking, “Hey, maybe a wrist brace would be a good idea”. I almost bought the same one the Friday night guy had, but on a fluke search I found one made by the same company that manufactures my Friday night strike ball. Well, it doesn’t get much better than that, so I snapped one up.

It arrived yesterday and I tried it out in the spare bedroom’s “bowling release drill area” for a good 20 minutes and I’m here to tell you, I’ve got no pain in my wrist or fingers. My fingers not hurting after the session was the surprising benefit of the wrist brace. I didn’t expect that at all.

The real test will be tonight, but I have a good feeling about it. I’ll update this post with the results tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: So this gets interesting. First, I don’t know as I’ll ever embark on a bowling marathon again without having a wrist brace. My wrist feels amazing when contrasted against previous weeks and I threw at least ten games yesterday. Astonishing is a great word here.

My wrist feels amazing this morning and I’ll likely order another just so I have a backup in case the original fails in some catastrophic way. I’m used to dreading writing a post Saturday morning but today? Not a worry in the world. Fantastic.

Second, where was this thing all my life?!


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