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Daily Archives: April 3, 2022

That moment in recovery where you realize everything is about to change for the better…

A few weeks ago I asked God for some help. It seemed something wasn’t right and it felt like time to jump up my game a little bit.

It’s been a whirlwind since and things have taken place that would be surprising had this not happened so often since the day I asked God for help in “getting sober”.

The next day I woke up free of the desire to drink and it only got better.

Yesterday was one of those types of days for me. A friend is a well known and highly regarded addiction/recovery therapist. Really, he’s pretty amazing. The other day I was compelled to call him in my journey to see if he had anyone to recommend for me to see because I was at a spot where I felt like I wanted something more in recovery. Not in a bad way, of course, just that it felt like there was another level out there and I was ready to look for it.

He said, if it was okay, that he’d like to help.

Now, I’ve been friends with this guy for years so the idea was a little awkward, but I don’t question how this are laid out before me after I’ve asked for help. I just go with the path God puts me on. So we met for dinner at a local burger joint for two hours last night. Two hours.

The work that was done over a burger and fries was profound and exciting. In fact, my post yesterday was only a scratch on the surface of what comes next and I can’t wait.

When I first got sober, they lay out a few interesting steps in the recovery process for the noobs. “The first year is a gift. The second is where the work really starts.” You’re not even out of the storm till five years. It stops raining at ten, but it’s still a little cloudy. The clouds finally break at fifteen. At twenty, the sun is clearly shining but it’s a little windy.

At thirty, it’s clear, sunny and you finally feel the sun hit you… and it’s glorious.

I’m at 29-1/2 years and that wind is dying down… and I’m excited for what comes next. The moment I knew everything was going to change was when I asked God for help. Way back then just the same as today. The main difference is today I’m excited for the change, not afraid of it.

More soon.