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Finally, A Ride Decent Enough to Write About! And On the Venge No Less

The Venge is running like a finely tuned machine. Erm… well, in all likelihood, because it is exactly that. It’s hard to believe the steed is eight years old.

We are currently in the middle of the worst March April (!) since I’ve been cycling. Temps are down to record lows on a daily basis and if it isn’t raining, it’s snaining or straight-up snowing. That’s not what we got yesterday, though. It was sunny from the minute the sun broke the horizon in the morning. A fantastic day. And the temperature even hit normal!

My wife was riding last night and I’m recovering from an OTC Cold (Other Than Covid – funny how Covid disappears in an American election year) so I was looking forward to an easy, fun ride with my wife and maybe one or two others.

Chuck, Jonathan, Brad and I showed for the warm-up. It was a laidback affair, only hitting 18-1/2-mph for an average. In a word, it was wonderful. If a little on the chilly side. The wind was brisk out of the northeast and was strong enough we were warm on the way out and cold on the way back, into it. Still, I was genuinely happy to be out on the good bike. I mean full-on grinning as I pedaled down the road with my friends.

We had a whole gang show up for the main event. The elite and A groups went out together and Phill, Brad, Ukulele Dave, even Mark (a C guy) and Dale rode with my wife and I rounded out a B group. We waited a minute after the As left and headed out to the road. Trying to find the right description of the start, I’d say “easy but spirited” would do it justice. We had a bit of a crossing tailwind so the start was quite enjoyable. Come to think of it, even turning north with a fair crossing headwind wasn’t all that bad.

We rolled on and built up an impressive 18-ish-mph average. I was having more fun than a fella should be allowed to have with his clothes on, without government intervention… and then Mark’s proverbial wheels fell off. with about eight miles to go.

We met up with a couple of tandems who’d had enough of the main group and rolled out with them. It was easy going for all but Mark, which wasn’t exactly shocking… he was a C group guy, after all. My wife and I dropped off the main group to shepherd him home (he didn’t know the route very well). The remainder of the ride was way too slow for my liking, but every once in a while I’ve got to do what’s right for the group, and keeping Mark around for the C guys is one of them.

Still, even with the last few miles being too slow, it was great to be outside. I slept like a baby last night with all of that fresh air. Sadly, however, the weather is right back into the crapper today. We’ve got rain and cold all the way into next week. But there’s light at the end of that tunnel and it isn’t lightning. Supposedly, the weather normalizes next week. And it’s about damn time.