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Friday Night Bowling League: The Work Finally Pays Off

I am absolutely, undoubtedly beat this morning. Writing this post actually hurts a little bit. Last night was worth it. Everything I’ve been working for since I changed every aspect of my bowling game from my equipment to how I throw the ball down the lane, came together last night. My wife and I rode on the trainers around lunchtime but I was careful to not overdo it so I had some in the tank for bowling.

I showed up early to warm up but that was rather dull for a change. Of the three games I threw, none were bad… they just weren’t all that great, either. A little above my 175 average.

The pre-league warm-up went well but nothing too fiery, either. I was right where I wanted to be on my last three shots of warm-up. I had it dialed in. I started with a perfect strike. Nothing tricky, no messengers, just pins in the pit. My second, I missed a little and 9-spared. Then, another strike. I opened in the fourth frame but then went on a nice rip of spares before ending the game five strikes in a row between the eighth and tenth frames for a cool 212.

I was just getting started.

I started the second game with a strike, followed by a 9-spare, then a turkey. I spared in the six and ninth. The rest were strikes. I finished the game with a nice 233 and won the high game + handicap (280) for a nice $60 payoff.

Unfortunately, with that game, I’d burned up the lane. Cliffed it, really. I struggled finding the pocket in my last game and had to grind to get a 151. Even with that lame last game I finished the night with a 198 average. I was the only one to stay after for practice, so I took advantage and blew through four games – three trying and one speed round. The three games were decent with a 215 and 225 in there. I didn’t need to throw the fourth. I was cooked.

I didn’t waste any time packing up and getting out the door. I cleaned my equipment and went straight to bed.

Finally, after all of the changes, things are starting to come together solidly. It’s a good feeling.