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Daily Archives: April 12, 2022

Playin’ Hooky with Chucker! And Finally Some Weather Worthy of Hooky.

Well, we were supposed to have rain rolling in yesterday evening so Chucker hatched a plan over text messages to play hooky… well, not entire hooky. Just a couple of hours, really. I headed for home at 1 and Chucker texted he wasn’t going to make it till 3:20 just as I walked in the door… so I took a quick nap after readying the Trek for duty.

After fifteen-ish minutes of shuteye, I got dressed – just bibs, a short-sleeved jersey and socks… and it was wonderful. We had a seriously ugly headwind from the west but, truth be told, we really didn’t push it all that hard. We just did our thing. With Tuesday night in Lennon, we weren’t concerned at all about pace.

We did our time into the wind, then three loops around our little two-mile subdivision and hauled it for home – with rain supposedly on our heels. The sky looked ugly but nothing came of it. My God, was it wonderful – we even hit a fair westerly stretch on the way home with sustained speeds over 26-mph… just 3-mph under the speed limit. We ended up with 25 miles, fantastic for a Monday, at just 17-1/2-mph (28 km/h)

I got home, cleaned up and was sitting on the couch waiting for my daughter to get home from tennis practice. I cooked a couple of burgers on the grill and we settled down to watch an episode of Castle. Then I wrote this post before heading off to bed. We’ve waited a LOOOOOOONG time for the weather to break. I’m thankful it’s finally here. Though, to be truthful, this won’t last. We’re headed back to cooler weather toward the end of the week. It doesn’t appear to be too horrible, though.

I haven’t looked, but I’d be willing to bet I’m down about a thousand miles from last year.

That can be rectified soon enough with some decent weather.