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Getting Back Into Perfect Walks Ruined By Chasing Golf Balls…


April 2022

I took my dad’s Callaway Big Bertha Irons in to get them re-gripped and lengthened and got them back Wednesday… about five minutes after a warning light “Low Power Mode” and the check engine light popped on solid (flashing means pull over, shut off the car and have it towed – solid means take it to a mechanic asap). Keep in mind, this is my less-than-a-year-old Chevy Equinox… so it was under warranty. I set an appointment at the dealership for 8am the next morning and made a bee-line to the pro shop before heading home (it’s about a half-mile out of my way). Sadly, it was raining so no testing of the clubs.

Thursday was epically windy and I had a massive job to work on and my daughter had a tennis match in the afternoon/evening.

Come Friday, however, the rain had passed and though it was windy, I had time during lunch to head to the range for that first test. I didn’t mess around. I also took a set for my daughter to use for new grips.

Now, technically, with bowling later in the afternoon, I probably could have skipped the driving range – but I’m confident about my fitness so I pushed that worry aside as “much ado about nothing”. I took my daughter’s clubs in, got that set, then snagged a medium bucket and headed to the outdoor range.

The wind was really whipping at more than 20-mph so I was concerned mainly with feel over flight. it took two shots to find my range of motion limits and I started smoking the ball. Having been to the range twice since giving up the sport for a broken heart when my dad and best golfing buddy passed away, I’m… limited.

I went through that entire medium bucket with just three shots I didn’t like (I got a little cocky with how well I was striking the ball). Hitting the Calloway irons compares to my old Slotline set was like cheating… and I’ve got a bit of my dad with me so I can finally let the sentimental side of golfing without him rest.

And that’s what really mattered. I needed to get to a place where I could finally find peace in not being able to golf with my dad anymore. His old are exactly what I needed.

It’s going to be chilly and a little windy for cycling today so I just might head back to the range for a go this afternoon (giving it a chance to warm up a bit).

In fact, I’m quite excited to.


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