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Finally! A (Kinda) Break in the Weather, and a (Kinda) Wonderful Afternoon on the Venge.

It was a gloriously sunny day, all day long. I mean beautiful. I’d been tearing down mental walls all day long as a part of the self-improvement kick I’ve been on and I was an emotional wreck. By the end of the afternoon I didn’t have anything left of the protection I’d built up without knowing I had. I had the thought, perhaps taking up this endeavor solo wasn’t such a good idea, but then I had a bit of a heart-to-heart with God and I decided to go for it. I called my wife and asked her to meet me for a chat and laid it all out. I held nothing back, and it was good.

My wife headed to our daughter’s tennis match and I went into the house to ready the Venge to meet Chuck.

By the time I walked out of the house, the temp had dropped about five degrees, the clouds had rolled in and it was almost looking like rain. What a difference 20 minutes makes.

Chuck was already at my driveway so I ran a couple of things in the house and we rolled out. We certainly weren’t burning any matches, even with a tailwind. We just settled in and cruised. Even though the weather had turned ugly, I found my peace in finally being outside with my riding buddy again.

We did our normal loop, then fought the headwind over to the tennis courts where we picked up the last of my daughter’s meet. I kissed my wife after my daughter’s match ended and Chuck and I rolled the long way home. Again, we weren’t killing it by any measure.

We pulled into my driveway about two seconds before it started spitting rain at us… and Chuck still had two miles to get home. Thankfully, the little bit of rain we got sputtered out quickly. It was never enough to even get the pavement wet.

And today is supposed to be ten degrees warmer and sunny when I get home. Thank GOD!!!