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Spring Has Finally Sprung! Well, At Least For A Minute. The Age Old Conundrum; 5200 or Venge?

Spring in Michigan is, to put it mildly, unpredictable. If you look at Tennessee or Kentucky, around late February things start to change. The temps bump up and they go through an unpredictable few weeks. By the time April rolls around, they’re comfortably in the 60s, 70 and even 80s.

In Michigan, it’s a veritable craps-shoot till May. It’ll be in the 50s one day, snowing the next, 70s two days later… and then there’s the rain. Oh, the rain! But there are good sides to that unpredictability as well. Yesterday had been shown as a rain-out all week long. The day before, just like magic, the first half of the day would be cold and rainy, but then, miracle of miracles, the wind would pick up and blow the clouds out and usher in the warmth from the south. The afternoon was glorious. Just below room temperature and sunny. Sadly, the wind wasn’t going to die – but you can’t win ’em all in April in Michigan. Originally I set up the Venge to roll. With that kind of beautiful weather, it’s almost a no-brainer. But something unknown pulled me to the 5200. I still can’t explain it, but I put the Venge back in its spot and readied the Trek.

Chuck and I rolled out earlier than normal. He picked me up at my place so the first mile was easy. Then we turned into the headwind and I immediately started laughing. 15-mph into a 20-mph headwind… do the math, it was ugly. North and south were easy and, eventually, east was going to be awesome, but there’s a lot of west in that first half of the loop. We had our first, brief, taste of tailwind in a little subdivision we hit to add an extra mile to the ride but it was really too short to wind it up.

We feasted on a steady diet of headwind and crosswind at the north/south sections but had a nice half-mile long stretch through West Hill road where 25-mph was easy. 28 took a little bit of effort.

After our now standard three loops through the two-mile loop subdivision, it was all fun all the way home. Heading through town we were keeping up with traffic at 30-mph, topping out at 33.3-mph (54-ish km/h) before heading south for home.

Even though it was a windy ride, being in the warmth and sunshine was a breath of fresh air. As is normally the case after a wonderful ride, I went to sleep last night with a smile on my face.