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The Best Part of Being A Cyclist Part 2,487; Picking Summer Shorts at 50+

Getting ready for the summer season, I only have a couple of decent pairs of shorts. I’d picked up an exceptionally nice and comfortable pair of Lee Extreme Comfort shorts at Kohl’s last year that I like a lot and wore regularly… until the other day when my wife and I went out to eat at Wendy’s for lunch and the soda fountain machine spit orange syrup at me instead of in my cup. I was certain my shorts were ruined. My wife ordered a pair on the way home, then two more pair for good measure; Sonoma Goods for Life. I accidentally had my wife order 7″-long shorts instead of 9″ based on the photo.

Those are not the 7″ shorts. They’re the 9’s. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the package and saw what looked like, effectively, the men’s version of short shorts. I chuckled inside as I went into the bedroom to try them on. As you would imagine, they’re incredibly tight in the thighs… cyclist legs. Other than that, though, they fit pretty well and I exited the bedroom to model them for my daughter. They’re fairly high cut, but they’re the fashion lately, too.

And that’s exactly what my daughter pointed out.

My wife was skeptical when I tried them on for her later on, after she got home from work and I got back from the driving range… but my daughter fixed everything. My wife asked me to try on the 9″ pair I’d stained for contrast (believe it or not, at my wife’s urging, I soaked the stained shorts in Tide for a couple of hours, then washed them – the soda syrup stain came out. Entirely. Not a trace). My wife liked the longer pair, but my daughter said bluntly, “Dad, the longer shorts make you look about 20 years older. The normal shorts make you look younger. Go with that.” My wife agreed, hesitantly.

I took a walk over to one of our full-height mirrors and gave a look-see… and my legs looked phenomenal. Even with my extra winter weight this year. I mean fantastic. I was happily surprised.

And so this post was hatched in my melon; the best part of being a cyclist #2,487; your legs will look amazing…