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Daily Archives: June 4, 2022

Early Work Traded for a Bike Ride with My Wife.

I was up at 4 am, punching away at keyboard keys to get quotes and much needed paperwork done. I blasted through a bunch before 7 am.

I got the tandem ready and shaved and dressed to be out the door for the wheels to roll at 7:30.

My buddy, Mike was not feeling it and almost turned around after eight miles but we ended up convincing him to stick it out, in return we’d take the pace down a bit.

The rest of the ride was fantastic. There’s something about being given permission to enjoy a moderate pace.

We ended up with 34 excellent miles before I had to get back to work.

You know? I actually worked harder being able to sneak that ride in. I got a day’s work done before lunch.

Good times and noodle salad indeed.

Sadly, we’re taking the tandem in to have that click looked at. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I think it’s due to runout in the crankset. That’s WAY over my pay grade.