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A Wonderful Summer’s Sunday…


June 2022

A buddy asked me out golfing the other day and after talking it over with my lovely wife, it was decided I should go… and I was glad I did. I shot a (well, an almost) legit 80 – a five over 42 on the front and a 3 over 38 on the back.

It was a stellar day on the course.

Afterward, my wife had a graduation ceremony to attend to that didn’t require me so, with my eldest asleep and my youngest at work, I took my Venge out and hit the asphalt for a slightly quick 35-1/2 miler on the what we call “the Deer Loop”. I had some things to work out in my head and the ride was perfect for that. It’s amazing to me how a good ride can clear out the mental clutter.

Well, the mental clutter clears until you start getting tired. At that point, cycling brain takes over and good luck remembering your best friend’s name… but I digress.

Later that afternoon, my wife called for “Family Time” and suggested putt-putt golf. Originally, we’d planned on a nice dinner and a few episodes of Castle together, but I love the four of us playing putt-putt. It’s always a blast, and with the girls getting older, God only knows how many games we have.

Next, we went out to dinner at our favorite burger joint before heading home. Friends, I won’t lie, I was dead tired… and so was my wife.

Let’s just say there were fireworks at bedtime in my humble abode. In fact, our first real argument in months. Unlike previous fights, though, we got it sorted… and the right way.


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