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Easy Miles on a Monday


June 2022

My buddy, Chuck and I, if Monday isn’t a day off (and it frequently is for me), roll out for one of the slower rolls of the week. It’s a rarity when we top 17-mph for an average. With the Tuesday Night Club Ride right around the corner, there’s no reason to do anything but take it easy. In fact, to try anything more would be detrimental to the hammer-fest to come.

And so it was last night.

We started out with an easy pace and pretty much kept it there most of the ride. The weather was quite glorious, with warmth, sunshine and some wispy cirrus clouds stretched across the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

We talked about Chuck 4×4’ing with his family up north and Jess and my ceremony over the weekend. We caught up and had a few good laughs before turning one final time on Hill Road, heading east… and the pace quickened as we took it to the barn in the last five miles.

There’s something about that homestretch that neither one of us can stay off the gas.

We rolled into the driveway with 22-ish miles and I had an easy sense of “everything is okay”. Dinner with my wife and daughter was fantastic (BLT sammiches with cheese, mayo, onion and a fried egg – try it, you’ll love it). Then my wife and I took ten minutes to sit in the backyard on the swing to reconnect after our hectic day. Folks, taking five or ten minutes to reconnect with my wife after a busy day is something we’ve never done but has turned out to be exceptionally wonderful. We cleared up a few miscommunications that all had benign origins as we held hands, swinging and looking at the wildlife in our yard. Squirrels, a rabbit, several species of birds (including a male cardinal and some sexy, sexy time redwing blackbirds). I also had a couple of realizations pop up that surprised me, but more of that in another post. The simplest, I can let you in on; love is grand.

What a wonderful world.

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