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Another Wonderful Sunday Funday with My Wife on Our Tandem… and a Monday… and a Tuesday


June 2022

My Rear Admiral and I are neck deep in our tandem and we’re both loving it. My wife worries, a little too much (IMHO), that I need my normal buddy rides but I’ve tried to let her know that there’s no place I’d rather be than on the tandem with her. I do have some big rides coming up, of course, that will be on a single bike with my friends. The Assenmacher 100 pre-ride, the Assenmacher 100, DALMAC… but the way I see it, I’m following my heart, here.

That I’m actually paying attention to what my heart wants is a small miracle in and of itself and my heart wants me on that tandem with my wife, it feels that’s where I am happiest on a bicycle. I love being a tandem couple all the way down to my baby toes tucked in our matching socks.

I asked my wife to take a quick video now that we can post them on Strava… she’s starting the “L” in “I love you”… and now you know why I love riding with my wife.

We rolled out Sunday morning to a perfect setting. Not too hot, not too cool, a little bit of sun and the rain from the night before had dried up. Even the wind was behaving (for once). We ate most of the headwind at the beginning of the ride, then settled in for an awesome stretch of tailwind on the way home. We’d had a 17-ish-mph average when we made the turn and pulled into the driveway with better than 18.3. The ride was an absolute blast.

For Monday, now this one was a kicker to my ticker; my wife had to work from home because she had some business in town to attend to in the late morning. She could have ridden early on her road bike with my buddy, Mike, but she opted to ride in the afternoon with me, on the tandem, instead. She made sure to lay down the Rear Admiral law, though; no speed demon crap – she wanted nice and easy. That’s what we always do on Monday, right before the big event Tuesday, so I was pleased as punch to comply. We talked about things of consequence the entire time we were on the bike, an hour and five minutes – and we still maintained a 16-mph average.

We got a great “spinning” ride in and talked about everything we had coming up that needed to be kicked around. We never would have had time to do both separately and we would have missed half of what was said on single bikes. Chalk up one more reason to love the tandem.

Now there’s tonight… we’re doing the tandem this evening so we can be the “B” group. Our A-Elite and A groups have merged, so there’s some lamentation that the “B” group has gone. Well, my wife and I are going do our part to resurrect it.

And that’ll be our fifth day in a row on the tandem.

You can’t see it, but I just did a little happy dance. Thanks, God.

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