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Picking Off QOMs for My Wife on the Tandem… And Even A KOM or Two for Me! It’s Legal, but Is It Fair?!


June 2022

My wife and I are one dynamic couple on a tandem. We’re not incredibly fast over the long haul (though we can hold a 20-mph average when we want to) but on short bursts, we’re exceptionally fast. When it really comes to laying down the watts, on the flat or downhill sections, we can absolutely kill it on our tandem. We knock down QOMs and KOMs that would normally require a fair tailwind with little more than a light crossing tailwind.

A few weeks ago, wanting to get my wife the QOM for a particular segment, we hammered it for the better part of half-a-mile before running out of gas just as we crossed the City Limits sign to take the QOM and KOM for me at a 33-mph average for the stretch.

Don’t ask me how Jessica is at 53 seconds and I’m at 50… we’re contacting Strava about that.

A few weeks before, we picked off a sweet QOM for my wife heading into Vernon. That KOM is simply out of reach, even on the tandem as the male pace is close to 40-mph for that segment. Still, I was feeling quite peacockish for helping my wife unseat the previous QOM holder (who also attained her QOM status on a tandem).

So, the question is, is QOM seeking fair on a tandem?

The jury is out on fairness. It’s legal, though, and I doubt I’d ever grow tired of helping my wife get another even is it wasn’t.


  1. Brent says:

    It doesn’t matter whether QOM/KOM’s on a tandem are fair or legal. What matters is whether the people you know will be impressed at your achievement.

    Garnering KOM/QOM’s on a fat bike is way more impressive than either the Venge or your new tandem.

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