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A Couple of Days on the Single Bikes Reinforced an Inescapable Truth…


July 2022

Wednesday night, my wife decided to take a day off from riding so I headed out with my buddy, Chucker, on the Venge. As one would expect, after five days in a row on the tandem, the Venge felt strange and twitchy… though the free speed was marvelous, I am grateful for how “off” it feels getting back on one of my single bikes.

Chuck and I talked the whole ride and it was quite nice, but it wasn’t the tandem with my wife.

Last night, because we have a big weekend coming up with Independence Day, I chose to spin it out for twelve miles to keep my legs going with my wife working late… and I wanted to put the Trek through its paces. That poor girl hasn’t seen the light of day in quite a while, and she’s riding great. And so it was. I got dinner (steak, sweet corn, sweet potato home fries and a salad) prepped and ready to throw together when my wife got home and headed out the door.

The Trek has a bit more of a relaxed geometry to it so the ride is quite nice compared with the Venge, though the power to the pedal always plays second fiddle to the Specialized. Oh, what 14 years of technological advances in carbon fiber design did!

I used that solo time to meditate on our marriage and to thank God for being free from my bondage of self that held me back from being truly happy with my wife. I am so thankful for the man God made me today. I wrote in a love letter to my wife that God “knocked a bunch of dirt off me, polished me up and gave me back to her” to describe some of the changes I’ve gone through and that seems an apt way to describe it.

I’m looking forward to a long weekend on the tandem with my wife (and Rear Admiral). It’s a wonderful way to spend a bike ride. I still can’t believe how much I prefer that steel behemoth over my svelte, aero, carbon fiber Venge… but that has more to do with the Rear Admiral than the bike.

Thank you, God. I needed this.


  1. It’s going to be nice when you find your riding balance, that time when you are on your own and that time when you are riding with God’s gift to you 🙂

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