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Another Wonderful Sunday Funday on the Tandem with My Wife… and A Little QOM Hunting


July 2022

There’s a route my wife and I do each year at the end of July – always on single bikes till this year, that’s got a looong stretch with what is usually a prevailing tailwind and a slight downhill grade the whole way (there are a few shallow rises, but the general grade is downhill), that ends with a sprint for the Flushing City Limits sign.

It’s very fast. The KOM is out of reach for me without a huge tailwind. The QOM, however…

My wife and I rolled out Sunday morning on our new favorite bike. I can’t put into words how blessed I feel that my wife and I both love riding the tandem at the same time in our marriage. There’s no place I’d rather be than being the Captain to her Rear Admiral.

We started out with our normal Sunday Funday easy pace at the front of a small pack. Well, it was only Diane and Jeff on Diane’s tandem and Mike on his good bike. The pack grew, though. We picked up Phill and Matt along the way. The morning started out unseasonably cool but it warmed up quickly enough with abundant sunshine and good friends. We’d picked a north route because we had a slight breeze out of the southeast – and north is perfect on a Sunday (a little heavy with the traffic on a Saturday). I noticed within the first couple of miles that we were in good shape – we were perfectly synchronized in our effort.

The morning warmed quickly and after 14-miles we’d ditched the arm-warmers:

We rolled on happily at an excellently wonderful pace – where you’re not taxed but you’re still working at it… it’s a fantastic feeling on the tandem when everything is working well.

30 miles into the ride, my wife, trying out some new Terry cycling shorts I bought for her, did something that almost had me crashing into the ditch; she started talking about adding miles to our 40-mile route. I couldn’t believe it. I said I was up for whatever she wanted to do, so rather than bee-line it home, we headed further west to check out some rarely traveled roads… which led us inexorably to the easterly return trip on West Pierson Road. As I mentioned earlier, typically you’ve got a westerly wind to push you down the road which means the KOM for the finishing segment is unbelievably fast – 32 mph. Yesterday, we had a slight (but not insignificant) crossing headwind. Still, we managed the 3.2-mile stretch in just 8m:14s and nabbed my wife the QOM (in fact, we beat out her old QOM time on that one). There is nothing more satisfying for me than helping my wife pick up a QOM on the tandem (not even getting a KOM for myself). We also nabbed a second QOM for Jess on the ride, the sprint end of that section at 28.7-mph… with a crossing headwind. It was awesome.

Of all of the cool things to come out of the changes my wife and I have made in the last six months, that smile is one of the coolest. Seeing the shear joy is such a wonderful blessing.

After than several mile stretch, I was about cooked. We were 40-miles in and still had a dozen miles to home so we stopped at a fire station so I could get a gel out of the saddle bag. I wasn’t hungry, but my energy level was fading. After that stop we beat a path for home.

We pulled into the driveway with 52 fantastic miles. Sunday Funday just keeps getting better.

Good times and noodle salad.

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  1. Sue Slaght says:

    Those smiles say it all. How fabulous that the two of you are so connected and enjoying life.

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