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A New Tuesday Night in Lennon Record for Jess and I on the Tandem (and For Me in 2022)!


August 2022

First, my apologies that this post is a day later than usual… I didn’t have time to write it till this morning and I already had a post written and scheduled.

Friends, my wife and I killed it Tuesday night on the tandem. We were so fast, the Rear Admiral didn’t have time to snap one photo…

We’d had a good run the Tuesday Night in Lennon route the week prior but got held up at an intersection when a lady in a Cadillac SUV decided it would be a good idea to text someone while stopped at a stop sign. Much of the group made it through by “parting the sea”, but we were somewhat forced to stop as we were a little slower to react driving the bicycle equivalent of a bus. Once we were dislodged from the group, there was no catching up, so we ended up riding back with a few friends who had been shaken off as well.

My wife, much to my surprise, had a blast and was looking forward to trying it again.

And so we did.

We had an NNE wind in the upper-single digits. Anything below 10-mph I consider good riding conditions. The sun was shining and it was mild, but not hot. Fantastic cycling weather, really. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and got ready while chatting with friends. We were sitting at the start-line when the clock struck six and rolled out shortly thereafter.

We were on the leg throttle, as is usual, right out of the gate and slowly rose to 23-mph over the next mile. Heading north, into the wind, the front barely showed signs of slowing and we kept on at the back of the pack. Being only our second time riding with the A-Elite crowd on the tandem, I didn’t want to risk taking pulls up front until I was sure we could last until the hills. There’s no pretty way to put it, we were sucking wheel at the back so, in the event we couldn’t hang, we didn’t dislodge anyone else from the group if we dropped.

We hit Shipman Road with a rare tailwind and the speed showed it – between 24 & 28-mph. I can recall thinking a few times that I’d pop if things didn’t slow down but Jess would kick in a little extra just at the right time to give me a few seconds to catch my breath and I’d be right back at it again. The same, I’d feel my wife drop off a little so I’d give it some extra… what I’m getting at is we worked together really well. And we made it through the first and second sets of hills with a little help from a friend who gave us a boost by pushing on my wife’s back. That extra wattage helped out immensely.

Sadly, we popped shortly thereafter. I felt my wife flag a little bit and I simply ran out of “want to” to answer with. We unceremoniously slipped off the back.

This week, however, we didn’t die out like we did the week before. My wife and I kept a pretty decent pace going as we negotiated the rest of the hills… and we saw a few ahead of us make the turn for Shiatown which meant we’d have some help for the ride home. Dave, Chucker, Clark, Dale and Dave and Val had made the turn, and we rounded out the group.

And we took it to the barn, pulling across the City Limits sign with a 22.3-mph average for the 28-mile course. It was an amazing ride and I literally couldn’t have done it without my wife. I’d tried a few weeks earlier and got popped off the back after just eight miles.

What a ride! We’re becoming quite the dynamic tandem couple and I’m really digging it.

The only photo of the night… after. We were both done.


  1. Dave Talsma says:

    I tried my best to hang on, but died off in the hills. This was the first this year that I felt truly scared riding that fast in such a tight group.

  2. Dave Talsma says:

    I trust everyone there, years back I was in a group and about 5 of us went down, I still have the pain and scars, the memories of that still come back.

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