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Ready for DALMAC – A Last Minute Check of the Trek


August 2022

I checked the Trek out for DALMAC last night. It was 99% humidity and spitting on me the whole 16-mile ride. One small barrel adjustment for the front derailleur, call it a eighth of a turn, and it’s 100% ready.

Trouble is, I’m tempted to take its 16-pound stepbrother, now. The weather report for next weekend is looking quite phenomenal after rain Monday and Tuesday. I could go either way, technically. Neither bike has ever ridden as well as they are right now. I think the Trek’s setup is mildly more suited to a 372-mile tour, but there’s always the free speed of the Venge (easily a half-mile an hour for free… well, not free – it cost an arm and a leg, but you get the idea!).

Let’s just say it’s a good problem to have.

The ride was fantastic. Smooth, quick 100% crisp shifts all the way up and down the cassette… no lagging, just “click”, “shift”, roll. I love giving the Trek its day in the sun for DALMAC, too. I give the bike a little bit of a soul that way. I suppose most avid enthusiast cyclists who have as much as I do wrapped up into that bike give theirs a bit of a “personality”.

An interesting side note; I changed the tires, cassette and chain at the end of last season before I put the bike to the bike room for the winter… it still shows as a “new” chain on my chain checker and the rear tire barely has a flat spot worn up the center. Normally I’m installing a new chain and tires for DALMAC right about now (on both bikes). The tires on the Venge are showing some age but they’ve got two seasons on them… and that chain is still brand new as well. There is a most excellent reason for this.

I’ve got so many miles on the tandem with my wife this year, all of my other equipment is brand, spankin’ new. On the tandem with my wife is the best place there is on two wheels. I can’t wait till the new one comes in! Should be January or February – just in time for the 2023 season.


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