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Daily Archives: September 1, 2022

The Venge Goes to DALMAC on a Miracle Cure for Saddle Sores…

That’s right folks, it was virtually a last minute decision, but my Specialized made the cut to go to DALMAC.

Mechanically, I trust the Venge just a touch more than my much older Trek 5200. I can also bring the Trek’s wheels as backups. I can’t use the Venge’s wheels on the Trek (though they do fit on my wife’s Specialized Alias). I like the backup idea and the mechanical awesomeness of the Venge.

Then there’s my miracle cure for the saddle sore that had me choosing the Trek in the first place. So, all doctors will advise against this (then do exactly what I did if I paid one a visit); I lanced it with a heat-sterilized safety pin. Then, and this is the key, I used Mary Kay’s clearproof blemish control toner, dabbed on with a Q-tip. Three days and I went from “I don’t know if I can even ride” to “it’s gone!”. I also used some Cortizone 10 after the blemish control toner dried but the game changer was the bct.

And so, just like that I’m taking the fast bike!