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Running Errands on a Specialized Venge…

You might not think a Specialized Venge is the best bike to run errands on, and you’d be right if whatever you’re picking up or dropping off on said errand doesn’t fit in a back pocket. In this case, thankfully, I was dropping off my youngest daughter’s first car to her so she could drive it home and a love letter off to my wife who had meetings through the evening.

With some “me” time, I packed the Venge into the car, drove to the school pool, dropped the keys to my ecstatic daughter and headed to the parking lot to put a nice little love letter I’d written on my wife’s windshield. That errand fit in my back pocket. Her car wasn’t there, though. I gave her a call. She’d gone to get a quick bite to eat at a fast food joint before her next meeting and would be on her way back in a few minutes. We made plans to meet up in ten minutes so I rode around a nearby subdivision to kill some time.

We met, I handed my wife her love letter, she cried a little and we hugged and kissed and talked about how fortunate we were… and my daughter drove up behind us to say hello, good-bye and thank you. My wife and I snapped pictures of her behind the wheel. I kissed my wife once more and rode off to finish my ride as she sat and ate dinner, watching my daughter’s boyfriend’s soccer game.

My ride, though my Venge felt a little foreign with all of its carbon fiber and twitchiness against the tandem I’ve put so many miles on with my wife, was spectacular. I rode around a couple of subs and headed back toward home, stopping at the middle school parking lot where my wife had been parked to see if I might be lucky enough to see her one last… and there she was, sitting in her car watching the game. I pulled up along side, startling her a little bit as she was engrossed in the game.

We said a few wonderful words that will remain in the parking lot, kissed one last time and I rode home to finish the evening with a nice 17-ish miles, thankful for everything I’ve learned over the last six months. I am not a perfect man. But I’m much better. My wife is not a perfect woman. She is much better as well. Together, we are dynamic. And that is good enough for government work.