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A Monster 100k On the Tandem… Out of the Blue


September 2022

My wife has never liked “the same old thing” when it comes to where to ride. She’s always thinking of new roads to travel, especially on the tandem. Well, she wanted to find out what the roads were like out in Shaftsburg, about 28 miles from our house. Greg, a friend of ours, rides out there quite often so we reached out to him, hoping he would help with a decent out and back type of route… 28 miles out is close to our limit on the tandem as it is.

He shot us back two options and we chose the shorter (65-mile) and set the gang up to ride Saturday morning.

We rolled out at 8 – the days are getting noticeably shorter, now – to perfect conditions. Single-digit breeze out of the south, mild temperature just below room temperature, and a wonderful weather outlook for the day. We had two tandems and four singles in our posse as we headed for parts unknown and an adventure. My wife and I had enough Payday candy bars, Cliff bars and gels in our saddlebag to last us into the winter… and new matching water bottles for the rig. I must say, with us in our matching kit, we must look quite fantastic.

The trip out was quite fantastic and we quickly upped our average to the 18-mph range where it stayed for the entire rest of the ride.

We started hitting roads less traveled (and never traveled, for that matter) around 23 miles in and I was immediately bummed we hadn’t ridden the area more often. It’s gorgeous out there.

As we rolled on passing 50 miles, I could feel my energy level dropping. It was one of those, “oh, no” feelings of impending doom. I hadn’t been drinking near enough and I’d hardly eaten anything. I could feel a bonk coming. By the time we rolled into Durand, with only ten to go, I was lightheaded.

Jess handed me a bit of Payday and I downed it like I’d been starved. That got me to the local gas station where I had a caffeinated root beer and a bag of M&Ms… and I started feeling better. Much better. Rolling out for home after our stop I was actually surprised at how much better I felt. It wasn’t perfect, but I could put some decent effort to match my wife (who was awesome).

We pulled into the driveway with just shy of 66 miles and I was in no mood to go an extra tenth to make it even. Let’s just leave it at, “nap time was AWESOME!”


  1. Sandra says:

    Naps post poorly fueled rides are the best!

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