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Carbon Fiber Cousins in Mackinaw City

The Specialized Venge, before the gaudy second generation, is one of the most represented frames in pace-lines. Well, technically the Tarmac is now that the Venge has been discontinued, but let’s stay on the theme…

In our group for DALMAC, our Lansing to Mackinaw City four-day tour, we had two. It’s hard to tell whose is the nicer Venge of the two above… Jonathan’s (blue) wins in the component category. He’s got SRAM Red eTap. I’ve got Shimano mechanical Ultegra. Mine wins in the wheels category, though. I’ve got Ican’s Fast & Light 50s which are vastly more aero with upgraded bearings, and only a handful of grams heavier than Jonathan’s Ican 38s. If I had to guess, I’d probably take him in the overall bike weight category, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that, either.

You can see he creams me in the human weight category, but the flip side to that is I win the bacon and barbecue category, so I suppose there is that!

It would go to opinion whose wins the cool category… I like to think I edge him out with the perfectly matching pedals, brakes and bottle cages, but it’s still up to opinion.

Either way you go, blue or red, having Jonathan on his first DALMAC was a treat. He’s a very busy young man and I didn’t think he’d be able to carve out the time to go.