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2023 Specialized Tarmac and 2023 Trek Madone Exclusive Review!

That’s right, folks! The new 2023 Trek Madone and Specialized Tarmac bikes have been unveiled to much fanfare, and I’m here to review my local bike shop’s floor models.

Oh, wait… they’re not coming in till 2025?

Sorry. I guess I’ll review the 2023s in 2025. C’mon back then! I’m sure it’ll be a hoot.

The bike industry survives despite itself, was ever thus.

A Two Bike Ride and Bowling Sunday; The Only Thing That Could Make That Sweeter Is Spending The Day With My Wife and Daughter.

We experienced a bit of a heatwave after Saturday’s cold, rainy, messy start. Jess and I rode on the trainers Saturday morning, but Sunday’s forecast was for a light breeze and enough warmth that road bikes were preferable. That meant we’d be on the tandem – our favorite bike of the 2022 season. I won’t lie, I was a little giddy. I missed riding the tandem with my wife.

I prepped the bike with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. We rolled out promptly at 8 am to a bit of a crossing headwind, but it was mild at that, and we had three tandems and four single bikes in the pace-line… it was a fantastic group and we made short work of the headwind. Mike, on the way out, remarked that it was nice to be in a pace-line again. Chuck added that it was nice to have a draft again, that he hadn’t had one in weeks. I thought, “I’m glad to be on the tandem with Jess.”

We proceeded to tear the Deer Loop up. My wife has discovered a new gear now that we dialed her position in to within an ounce of perfection and had a discussion about wattage and effort… I actually had to give her an, “easy – easy” when we were up front and hit one of her favorite segments on the way back… we took something like a four-mile pull and started to approach 26-mph on the flat. It was such a massive pull, our friends actually complimented the two of us as they passed after our effort. It was a massively enjoyable ride. We pulled into the driveway after our 35-mile ride with a 19.7-mph average. It was a beautiful fall day for an excellent ride with friends… and having three tandems was a treat. Feeling my wife on the pedals so often, and reaching back to squeeze her hand from time to time and to have her rub my back and pat me on the keister after the squeeze was the cherry on top. It was a date on a bike, for sure, and a fast one at that.

We cleaned up, washed our kit, and had a bite to eat whilst playing a couple of games of Qwixx with our daughter. My wife won two and my daughter won one, and it was time to load up the gravel bikes and bowling balls for the rest of our day. We were signed up to ride the Haunted Flint Bike Tour with one of Jess’s coworkers. It was a short jaunt of only seven miles, but we rode around Flint checking out four or five houses and two locations where some truly heinous things happened, leading to the haunting of those houses. It was an eerie ride, for sure, but my wife and I had a fantastic time of it. I’ll write another post about that in the coming days.

After our ride, we drove over to our old neighborhood where my wife had spent much of her youth and we’d purchased (and sold) our first home, which has since been demolished. It was awesome to drive the old neighborhood with the fall colors going off like fireworks.

Finally, it was a bowling night, and after dropping the bikes and gear off at home (and taking a much needed nap), we headed to the bowling ally at Richfield Lanes and the best Stromboli this side of New York. I kid you not, best I’ve ever eaten, and we were hungry.

Unfortunately, the lanes must have been hit with some super-secret ultra-slippy oil because I couldn’t even get my strongest ball to hook up and I normally use my medium oil ball. It was an exercise in futility and we got our asses handed to us. We had to give the other team 100 pins and we simply couldn’t make it up. Still, Jess and I had a marvelous time of it (minus the bowling part). I rubbed her back, she rubbed mine, and we whispered sweet somethings in each other’s ear all night.

After bowling, we headed home and watched an episode of Castle… and drifted off to sleep. It was the period at the end of the paragraph on a wonderful weekend. Good times and noodle salad, indeed.