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Daily Archives: October 30, 2022

Well, the days of taking photos on rides is all but over…

I didn’t want to risk frostbite to take a photo on our gravel ride yesterday, so… no photos. It was below freezing when we rolled out yesterday morning. And foggy. So, wet. Moist. It was one of those, “God, I hope I make it home without freezing to death, ’cause if I touch any part of my body and this water works through my clothing, I’m done in ten minutes” kinda rides.

It was, however, without much fuss whatsoever. It actually ended up being pretty nice. You know, once the fog lifted and we weren’t worried about being run down – even on dirt roads.

In the end, we were passed, in something like 26 miles, by exactly one vehicle. Say what I want about hating dirt because of all of the cleanup involved with the bikes, I do love the lack of traffic.

My wife and I have come up with a way of riding single bikes that’s almost as cool as date time on the tandem and I’m working on a new post about that. It’s rare to have the good fortune of having a wife who loves cycling as much as mine does and who can keep up with the fast crowd when she wants and I want to pass on my good fortune, because if I had a Dollar for every time I heard “I can’t ride with my wife. She’s too slow”, I’d be retired on a beach in Florida with my sister-in-law managing the fortune.

Anyway, we had a blast riding the dirt and got back in enough time we could take a nap before cleaning up a corner of the garage, grinding down 90% of the leaves in the yard (while my wife winterized our flower beds), re-ordering all of the golf clubs in the garage, taking out our in-window air conditioning unit for the winter… then going out on a date.

And today we get to do it all over again! Good times and noodle salad. Thanks God.