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A Perfect Bike Date Weekend

I woke up at 4am Friday morning and got right to work. I do this so I can justify an early ride Friday morning. Depending on how soon the sun comes up, wheels will roll between 7 and 8 am (this late in the season, it’s definitely 8). Jess and I rolled out on the gravel bikes as it was way too cold for road bikes, for about an hour-and-a-half.

We laughed and had a wonderful time of it.

Saturday, we woke to cold-induced fog. It was so damned cold out, it was foggy. The dew clung to us as we rolled. I worried about that inevitable moment where the water penetrates the clothing and allows the cold a direct path to our skin but it never came. We ended up having quite the enjoyable time of it, too. I’d ride with friends, then pop over and put my hand on the small of my wife’s back to have a connection to her. I didn’t use the connection to help her up hills till the end of the ride. We both glowed all day about how much fun that ride was. We had a blast together – and my wife came up with a perfect way of washing the incidental dirt off the bikes before we took them in the house. She took her water bottle and squirted it at the standing dirt, rinsing it away. I’d never thought to do that, or I figured that would make cleanup worse, but it was perfect. All we had to do was wipe the bikes down later.

Sunday was a little warmer and with no fog. It was still cold but I managed to take off my glove a few times to take some photos. There were only four of us crazy awesome enough to brave the cold starting temperature, but we had a fantastic time cruising around the dirt roads. As has become quite common, I’ve been riding a lot with my hand on Jessica’s back, whether to add extra wattage on a hill, or to just ride so we’re connected for a few minutes. Jess loves it so much, she’s taken to riding with her hand on my back as well – and now I know why she likes it so much!

While I suppose we’ll have to be careful because there could be some people who would say there isn’t supposed to be any of that on a bike ride, I see it a little more simply; the world could use a little more love in it. Not less.

My wife and I had three bike dates over the weekend… and they were awesome. If there’s no place for it on a bike ride, well, I’ll take my lumps for it.

100% worth it.