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Prepare For Pain! They Ask How Long Can You Hold the Wheel of a 17-Year-Old Pro Lead Out… Erm… Kid? The Short Answer!


November 2022

So, I’m perusing my YouTube feed this morning and up pops the question, “How long can you hold the wheel of a 17-year-old pro lead out man?” with the screen grab, “Prepare for pain!

Well, I’ll tell you the short answer; roughly till he drops me.

The real answer is, I’m 52-freaking-years-old! Who gives a $#!+ how long I can hold the wheel of a pro. Let’s put that kid in my life and see how long he could hold it together without pissing his pants and whining about safe spaces! Heh, roughly about the same relative duration I could hold his wheel on a bicycle.

Look, that stuff is awesome click bait and I’d bet my lunch the post will generate more hits than this post, but let’s be real, folks. A pro cyclist is really good at riding bikes. I’m a pro husband, dad, recovering old-timer, Sr. Project Manager, Sr. Estimator with a life so fantastic and full, sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s all real. I simply happen to ride a bike for fun and exercise – and I happen to be a little bit fast at it.

Fairly argued, “recovering old-timer” goes first. Without that, I’m nothing. But that just didn’t fit well next to the word “pro” so I put it after my wife and kids. Without recovery, my wife was never interested in me and my kids are wishes upon a star. Going even further, truthfully, without recovery I was worm food twenty years ago.

Oh, it’d be fun to find out just how long I could hold a pro’s wheel for a lead out but I don’t think I’d even get up to his full speed… especially considering he’d be spaghetti and I’d be somewhere along the lines of a mostaccioli trying to draft him. If you’ve ever been beyond 35-mph on a road bike in a pace-line on flat roads, even drafting behind a big fella is tough.

Anyway, it’s food for fun conversation. Ride hard! Or don’t. Just ride.



  1. Uncoffined says:

    Your post brings back memories. When I was in my forties, I used to compete in triathlons. In the cycling part of the race, I was normally starting dead last because I sucked at swimming.
    Anyway, I used to catch and and pass a lot of kids and teenagers who didn’t have the strength and endurance I did. It was always notable that the boys would make a point of catching up and passing me again, then run out of puff.

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