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Winter Arrives Early in 2022… Um. Yippee. Not Really


November 2022

I know, Brent. If I had a couple of fat bikes… but I don’t, and for the time being, I hate winter. Hate is a strong, powerful word. Properly used. I suppose, on the positive side of the equation, Jess and I slept in till 7:01 this morning. That hasn’t happened since July when we were on a cruise ship.

We got another couple of inches of snow last night. Enough the plow came through.

I don’t know if anyone else from our group is riding outdoors but Jess and I are hanging inside this morning. It’s time to start going through our DVDs again. Thankfully, we have more than enough to get through the winter without watching the same movie twice. Though I will. It’s about time to get that Star Wars collection dusted off!

In other fun and exciting news, my wife is throwing a dinner party this afternoon for my anniversary. Old friends and new, we’re all heading out to a local restaurant for a nice time together.

I’ll have to check the menu for noodle salad.



  1. Sandra says:

    Yup. Riding inside. And I have a fat bike. 😂
    I don’t enjoy winter either

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!!!

  2. Brent says:

    Well, even though I am a fat bike enthusiast, I am in denial about the coming of winter. I haven’t swapped out the summer tires for the carbide studded winter tires yet. We just got a dusting two nights ago here in New England, so I still have time, but the last few years I have put the winter tires on in October, hoping for an early winter. This year, I’m just dragging… Must be getting old…

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