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Why Choose Recovery from Addiction? There Is A Short Answer.


November 2022

Recovery from addiction, and I mean following a process that allows one to become recovered over time, with effort and an actual plan is a commitment. Now, any addict knows why they should choose recovery. This part isn’t rocket science. Life using is often quite awesome at the start. Life addicted, sucks.

Every addict knows this, and every person who has one of those tornados tear through their life will attest.

Fear is what makes the addict balk.

Fear of what’s out there without drugs, alcohol, or both. Fear that there is nothing good out there without getting high. Fear of failing recovery. Look, any reason to stay in addiction is based on fear.

That fear is misplaced.

Anyone can choose recovery and win. Big. If that’s what is worked for.

As we come to the holiday season, if you’re out there in the cold, know there is hope. There is peace. There is contentment beyond your wildest dreams. There is joy.

It all starts with a choice. It won’t always be easy, of course. Given time and effort, it will be good.

Don’t fear recovery. Be afraid of one more day without it.

If you give recovery everything you’ve got, you’re promised that you’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through. And, if by some miracle you’re recovery doesn’t live up to the hype, you’re welcome to having your misery back any time you like. Just pick up again.


  1. Nearly every day I have a conversation with someone about going into recovery. And nearly every day, I have someone reject the idea. It’s challenging watching someone refuse to get help——to not want life change. And then I remember…but by the grace of God…
    Good post brother. Thanks for the reminder.

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