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What To Do If You Run Out Of Seatpost To Mount Your Garmin Varia Radar Or Taillight.


November 2022

My wife and I have a bit of a large saddle bag on our tandem. It carries all our normal spare tire tools, plus food and it even has room for vests, arm warmers, and a few other items if we need to shed some layers once it warms up.

Unfortunately, mounting that saddle bag, when we have our fenders in place, takes up a lot of seatpost. I’ve kicked around a smaller saddlebag, but we really like the extra storage, so a smaller bag wasn’t an option. At least not on our current tandem. We’ll see on the new sportier tandem we have coming in a couple of months.

Now, my wife and I have wanted to mount our Varia radar/taillight on our tandem for quite a while because they’re the single best light on the market and that’s not even taking into account the radar capability. We’ve had police officers stop us and compliment us on our lights, saying they were visible more than a mile away. My wife and I both feel safer when we use the Varia – and it appears to us that motorists treat us more respectably when we use one (and that goes for single bikes and on the tandem). I talked about sewing one to the saddle bag for a while, then finally gave it a try.

It was a perfect idea.

Rather than simply sew the stem mount onto our saddlebag, I glued and caulked it with a high quality silicone caulk as well, just to make sure it was good and sealed and the mount wouldn’t fall off while we were riding. I took the photos with the light off because the light hides all of the handiwork…

It took about a half-hour to sew the mount on (I’d use a thimble if you’ve got one) and it has worked perfectly for months. If you’ve run out of seatpost, you know you’ve thought about sewing a mount to the saddlebag. If you’ve balked because you didn’t know if it would work, hesitate no longer. It works. Perfectly.


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