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How to Insert a Degree ° Symbol into a WordPress Block… The EASY Way.


December 2022

So, if you’ve been around WordPress long enough to remember the good old days of the Classic Editor (before the reviled Block Editor was a glimmer in someone’s sphincter), you know the degree symbol was right there in a grouping of special symbols you could click on quickly to insert into a post. No such luck today, though you can still use the Classic Editor in Block form, so you can, technically, still access the special symbols when needed, but this is the old, clunky way:

Open a new Block, click on the Plus Symbols and under “search” type in “Classic” and pick the Classic Block. Then, click on the special symbols box, insert the degree symbol, copy it, then paste it in the block you’re typing in… or just always use the classic block for your posts…

But there’s a much easier way!

Press and hold the Alt key, then hit 0176 and let go of the Alt key. E Voila:


Now that’s sexy, baby.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the comments for more great tips!



  1. The Omil says:

    … or for a Mac, simultaneously hold control, command and space bar and a large block of useful symbols/smilies/people appears

  2. niall says:

    Or if you write on mobile it’s there under special characters on the keyboard (on Android anyway) 🙂

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