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Starting the 2023 Year Out Well… Or, At Least, Better Than Planned


January 2023

We’ve got a bit of a break in the weather that doesn’t involve rain so Jess and I are pumping up the tires on our road bikes and heading out for a short jaunt with Mike this morning – our first outdoor ride of 2023 is going to be on just the second day of the year. Perfect. The snow is all gone after a mild week, so we’re going to take advantage of it.

Sadly, we sold the tandem a few days too early.

I should be readying the gravel bike for duty, but I just can’t do it. I’ve been ogling the Trek for a couple of weeks now as it sits locked into the trainer… it’s going outside for a spin. I can’t help it.

Yesterday’s trainer ride, judging by the puddle of sweat on the floor (not the average speed – my speed sensor updated and needs to be recalibrated – I’ll do that today), was awesome. I could really feel it this morning when I got out of bed. That’s exactly how I wanted to start the new year off. Positively and in the mood to kick some winter fat off.

Friends, those of us in the northern hemisphere have plenty to be negative about, if we so choose. That negativity won’t do anyone any good. Let’s turn some $#!+ into sunshine and get a move on! There’s life to be lived, and there won’t be much of it good if we take a passive path and let it happen to us.


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  1. The pandemic didn’t interrupt the negativity supply chain. In recent days, I’ve heard a lot of negative chatter. It’s been a struggle not to get caught up in it and tough to avoid being discouraged. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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