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Daily Archives: January 3, 2023

Starting the Year Off Right with A Rare January Outdoor Ride on the Road Bikes!

It’s a rare year we ride outdoors this early in the season, let alone on road bikes, but everything worked out perfectly a reasonable (just above freezing) start temp, barely a breeze and time off work for the New Year holiday.

We took advantage and rode with our buddy, Mike.

I’d been eyeing my Trek sitting on the trainer for the last two weeks, wishing I could take it outside. With the snow and ice we got just before Christmas, I figured we’d be out of luck until March. Even more, I wanted to see how my wife looked atop her new road bike with the new setup.

As we’d been riding on the trainers for the last several weeks, neither my wife nor I were acclimated to the cold so it was challenging right out of the gate. Even with the cold, it was great to be outdoors, and thankfully we didn’t have much wind to worry about.

I never really warmed up, but I did have considerably more fun than I figured would be possible. Best I can tell, it was the fresh air.

The Trek rode like it was a $5,000 bike. The bike, as it is today, is simply amazing as it approaches 24-years-old. I simply love that bike and am shocked it turned out as good as it did. Riding it yesterday, then thinking about our new tandem that’s on the way, got me pumped for next season.

We sure are starting out the season on the right foot.