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I’m Having a Bit of Writer’s Block… But Because Life Is Grand?


January 2023

I haven’t written a word in three days. I had a work thing pop up that’s provided a lot of unnecessary stress that I’ve been processing with the help (or hindrance?) of my new sponsor. I had an awesome meeting Wednesday night with some excellent friends. I’ve been working hard with a couple of sponsees, enough I don’t think I’d pick up another till I get done with my own fourth.

I’ve also been doing my GCN research and I should have a ton to write about… like their latest video about the differences between a modern road bike vs. Si’s 10-year old Specialized Tarmac SL3 – a fantastic video that shows a massive gap between the two… if you’re riding with shallow alloy wheels on the Specialized. I’d love to see the difference were they to put a set of period carbon wheels on the bike (or even something a little more modern). Many in the comments agreed that the gap would close to a margin of error. Still something, but not much of something.

Anyway, while I’ve got a little stress at work, I don’t believe it’s something that can’t be sorted out quickly and be back to better than normal with a little more “give a $#!!+”.

Everything else, my wife and my marriage, our home, our kids, the people we work with in recovery, and our cycling friends are, for the most part, cruising along and awesome. We’re into planning rides and signing up for them at the moment – planning our summers out. It should be a great one and I’m entirely looking forward to what my wife and I can do on our new tandem and her new (old) road bike.

My wife and I wake up together, thanking our HP for another day and for the journey we’ve been on (and what remains ahead).

It’s good times and noodle salad. And thank God for that.



  1. Uncoffined says:

    I sort of have writers block for the same reasons. the mandates are mostly gone, covid insanity has all but disappeared, and no one cares about vaccination status anymore.
    Persecution of the unvaccinated has disappeared
    Life is back to normal like it was three years ago.

  2. Having conducted my own totally unscientific testing between an old (hey, classic!) bike and a modern bike, both with 60mm carbon wheels, I can confirm the difference is definitely there at times, but it is far smaller.

    Enjoy those noodle salad good times, you’ve earned them! 🙂

  3. Dave Talsma says:

    How about a study of tubeless vs inner tubes, road and gravel?

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