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Grateful To Be On The Right Side Of The Grass, Pumpin’ Air


February 2023

Of my recent position termination, I had a rough time in the first couple of days but I’ve turned a corner. I’m starting a new job Monday and my future prospects are excellent – better than I hoped for. In fact, it’s looking more like I was being set free. I just submitted my first resume for a dream job… and by dream job, I mean it. I don’t anticipate landing it, but I’m going to give it my best. The truth is, there’s no chance I get it if I don’t apply. That was my first resume in 25 years… in fact, it’s been longer than that; a little more than 30.

My wife and I are doing vastly better than I could have hoped through this. She’s been amazing and a blast about the whole thing… and when you can laugh about the fear with your mate, it diminishes its ugliness.

I’m going through this one day at a time, one minute at a time, one “next right thing at a time”. There are still a lot of ways this could go sideways, but I’m feeling that you learn a lot about the recovery program you’re working going through something like this.

I am beyond grateful to be on the right side of the grass, pumping air. What a life!

And for all of you out there with a youngster who needs recovery, don’t be afraid to send them this post. Recovering at a young age (I was 22 when I quit), is like cheating at life. Sure, there are gut punches, but they’re not so terrible when you have the abs to protect against them.



  1. Sheree says:

    Fingers crossed 🤞

  2. chape says:

    Best of luck, Jim!!

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