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Thank God, It’s Time to Spring Forward!


March 2023

I’m struggling to find time to ride indoors, let alone outdoors at the moment. That’s the tough part in my new job. I had it pretty good over the last couple of decades, whether I realized it or not. I think most of the time I did. My new job is vastly more enjoyable than my last (I’m certainly treated better), but it’s not easy on my bike time – our marriage is taking most of our free time after work at the moment. Thankfully, I’m hoping the transition time will be short-lived, once we grow accustomed to the frantic pace of everything.

The weather looks to be sketchy over the next couple of weeks. A chance for some great afternoon rides, but we’ll mainly be able to file the weather as a minute-to-minute roll of the dice. Typical Michigan before May (only a little colder than normal this year). Taking that into account, I can’t wait to get outside again. I miss the road and I’m hoping the time change will give me a little more time and motivation to out there. Fingers crossed.

This spring I’m just hoping my wife and I can get the miles in I need to get in shape for the coming season.

Incidentally, if you’re incensed, yet again, that we have this silly “Daylight Savings Time” thing, and you’re worried about your circadian rhythm being messed with, remember this; if it weren’t for lopping off an hour from the morning and adding it to the evening, May through August the sun would be coming up before 5:00 am. Tell me how that’d be on your circadian rhythm. Probably not great.

Now, in the north, if you talked about making DST permanent, well, I could go for that.


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