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Better to Make Due with what I’ve got than Long for what I haven’t.

For the last five years I’ve taken my trainer to the office and ridden there, during lunch, in the off-season.  

This year things haven’t quite worked out as they had in the past.  Sadly, I just can’t easily fix what’s keeping me from my normal trainer time… so I improvised.

No more noon rides, I put in my 45 minutes on the trainer after I get home, around 5.  

That’s my commitment to fitness.

I can whine and lick my nuts on the couch, or I can get busy making use of what I’ve got – and let’s be clear, I’d need a whole lot of yoga to… well, let’s stay on track here.

I thought it would be interesting to break that down fully.  There are 168 hours in a week.  I only need seven of them to stay fit through the off-season.  Only twelve in-season.

Digging further, I need 50-ish for work and 42-46 for sleep.  Call that 101 on the high side.  That means I’ve got 67 hours left to fit in my seven hours for fitness (and sanity).

I can make that work.  For me, it’s fit and happy or…. not.


Are eBikes (Electric Pedal Assist Bikes) the Wave of the Future?  I Certainly Hope not.

A friend told me he read that Focus bikes believes they will, eventually, migrate to making only eBikes.

I know the City of New York doesn’t like the idea.  Bill de Blasio and the fun-hating commies in the New York bureaucracy have already banned them…  They’re actually confiscating them 

On the other hand, apparently there are actually idiots who ride them on sidewalks.  From that perspective, how do you fix that much stupid?

I am not personally impressed with eBikes either.  I have no desire to own one – and I enjoy owning a fairly diverse bunch of bikes.  

That said, I am not lost on the fact that there are plenty of people who could benefit from the electronic assist.  Sadly. I can imagine that many who would need the help would be, how do we say this, technologically challenged.  One could imagine an old-timer cruising down the sidewalk and being afflicted with a case of whiskey throttle.


Beyond that, the reason for my dislike of the bike is the concept itself.  While nobody could be against someone who needs an eBike riding one responsibly…  My God, I’ve been watching that whiskey throttle .gif over and over again – just makes me laugh out loud…  Anyway, what I don’t like is the idea of the lazy using them as a means of weight loss.  How long will it be before we hear of complaints that cycling is a lousy way to lose weight because some dolt is tracking calories based on real cycling but is riding an eBike?

Next will be class-action lawsuits against bike manufacturers, fast food joints, and calorie tracking apps.  “Did you gain 50 pounds whilst riding an eBike to lose weight?  Call Dewey, Cheatum & Howe because you may be entitled to a cash settlement based on the fact that you’re stupid and couldn’t figure out that an eBike that does half of the pedaling for you doesn’t count the same as riding a bike that doesn’t.

Insanity, I tell you!

Next you’ll have STRAVA KOMs being taken with an eBike….  Monkeys will start riding them – hell, at that point you’re only a matter of years away from Planet of the Apes!

On the other hand, those who can’t keep up with the fast groups anymore, all of a sudden would again.  Imagine drafting a dude on an eBike rolling down the road at 25 mph.  That would be awesome!

Hey, on second thought….

The Last Perfect Day of the Cycling Season

It’s a rare day that we know that we are up on the last great day of a season.  Rarer still, that the day lands on a weekend.  That the last perfect day of the cycling season arrived on a Sunday is like winning the lotto – a second time.  That’s exactly what happened this year.

We rolled shortly after the sun came up, we had a decent breeze from the south.  We had a small group to start, just Mike, Matt, Mrs. Bgddy and me.  We picked up Phill and Brad along the way and met Greg, and Dave and Sherry on their tandem, shortly thereafter.

I ended up pocketing the arm warmers and rolled the rest of the ride in comfort, only wearing a short-sleeve jersey and bibs.  This late in October, that’s exceptionally rare….  Perfect.

It was a perfect way to spend a perfect morning with friends.  Just short of 56 miles on the day.  The pace was perfect as well, about 18.6 – not too shabby for a windy day.



You decide.

*Obviously, riding a bike or running is no guarantee you won’t end up playing pill roulette.  Bad things do happen to fit people.  On the other hand, without fitness and an intelligent diet, your chances of blowing an ungodly amount of your monthly income on pills increase exponentially.  Sadly, that choice is quite real.

One Hour of Exercise a Week Can Prevent Depression

For those of us who exercise regularly already, the news that exercise can help fight depression won’t blow up anyone’s skirt.  Hell I knew and was writing about that years ago…  I just never knew so little would work!  And there’s a study attached to it.

Personally, I’m an hour a day kind of guy, but for others, say those who don’t like to get our so much, the hour a week news could be a life-changer.

My friend, Tony, put out a great article about the subject in the Title, so please check it out at the link above.

After, try this little experiment:  Go to a supported ride or a running race.  Look around at the participants for a person who appears angry or sad.

I doubt you’ll find one.  Out of all of those people, you probably won’t find one person in a foul mood.

I know I’ve never been out of sorts before one of those events.  The vast majority of us will be smiling and having a good time – and that’s before the event.  After is even better!

Any way, please check out Tony’s post… Then pass it on… and get your butt out the door!


Three Monster Energy Drinks and a Pack of Smokes OR a Small Coffee and a Tin of Sugar Free Mints?

I was standing in line the other morning with my mints and small coffee in hand, waiting to roll out to the office.  I eyed a maple/peanut encrusted donut as I was putting my five ice cubes into by coffee cup but walked away empty-handed.  It wasn’t easy, of course.

So there I was in line and the guy in front of me steps up to the counter, places three cans of Monster energy drink on the counter and asks the attendant for a pack of smokes.

Three cans of Monster and a Pack of smokes?

All I could think was, “Da-a-a-m-m-m-n”.

He was a younger kid, of course, maybe in his late 20’s, but he’s going to find out what old feels like in a hurry if he doesn’t watch what he’s putting into his engine.

I am not always so well equipped to handle situations like that.  Sometimes that crap can look tempting, when I’m weak.

For those moments I have a prayer that I repeat in my weakness (before temptation, preferably, but during works in a pinch):

“God, please give me five seconds of sanity before I do anything stupid.”

That’ll about do it, and it puts everything in proper perspective.  My sentiments toward putting crappy fuel and cigarette smoke into my body are pretty simple:

Uh, that would translate to “no thank you.  I’ll take the coffee and tin of Altoids (peppermint)”.

I Can’t Lose Weight with the Same Thinking that got Me Fat to Begin With….

This has almost become a series.  Well, if the $#!+ fits, wear it.

In the last six years I’ve ridden a bike more than 40,000 miles.  A little over, actually.  A pedal bike, not a motorcycle.

I went through a period when I was much younger, where I was almost entirely sedentary.  Video games, a desk job….  I mean sedentary, my friends.  I did play a lot of golf, but honest people don’t classify golf as exercise unless you walk the course.  I didn’t count it even though I played better when I walked.  Anyway, I went from 150 pounds to 195 and at 6′ tall.  Almost 200 pounds and it was all chubby.

To thine own self be true

I am not a dieter.  Sure, I’ll choose to forego dessert, or I’ll eat a lighter meal that tastes really good, but I won’t go all “Adkins” either.  I won’t be eating twigs, leaves and berries.  I absolutely would never, on principle alone, go vegetarian (or worse, vegan) – I’m not into having to take processed vitamin supplements needed to make up the dietary shortfalls from either one.  I prefer a more natural diet, as they say.

There’s one ugly truth that has to be mentioned here as well;  I can’t be happy as a fat or chubby person.  It’s simply impossible for me to act as if eating myself unhealthy is okay.

Something had to change

The one certainty in my life back then was that something had to give.  I had to get active again – and if I was going to get active, it was going to be in something that held my interest.  Too often I tried to do the “I’ll go to the gym” route, only to give up after a few weeks.  I needed something quickly accessible and above all fun.  Trudging my way to fitness simply didn’t work.


My changes came in the form of rollerblading, running and now cycling.  While I have the most fun on a bike or on rollerblades, running wasn’t so bad either.  Skating wasn’t all that easy because if you think cycling on the road with traffic sucks, try rollerblades.  That’s a whole new level of messed up.  The accessibility just wasn’t there – if I have to get in my car to travel to a destination, it’s simply too easy to justify days off.  Running and cycling are about tied for accessibility.  Running is probably a sliver easier because there’s less “junk”, but the “junk” is half the fun in cycling, so I’d call that a draw.  Either activity, all I have to do is suit up and head out the door.  Cycling is even easier than running in the winter though, because I can ride on a trainer in the house.  Not having to worry about frozen eyelashes in the wintertime is quite nice, actually.

So, in conclusion, cycling and running have everything I need to stay fit and trim.  The way I participate in those two sports, they both burn a fair amount of calories, they’re both easily accessible which limits excuses, and I absolutely love cycling – I can’t wait to throw my leg over the top tube of my bike every day.


In the end, something in my thinking didn’t change.  Everything did… and that’s why it worked.